Take an MBA program to move up in your management career

If you are in a regular job and don’t want to take time off of it but still want to go ahead with an MBA, then the Distance learning MBA program is a perfect option for you. In the management and business field, it’s all about the degrees you have in your resume and the exposure you get in the industry. And, MBA’s important is something that everyone is aware of. An MBA is a great way of honing your business administration skills and knowledge while developing an expertise in the chosen field of specialization. To get MBA admission, one should hold a BBA or any bachelor’s degree in management studies (BBS, Bcom etc). The minimum percentage required to get admission differs and there are certain national and university competitive exams.

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Distance learning mba

The MBA fee structure differs per university and is charged on the basis of per semester fee or per year fee depending on the complete structure of the MBA program offered. A distance learning MBA costs lesser than a regular MBA and the duration remains the same. Reputed universities like SMU offer the program and provide complete study support and material for the students. Completing an MBA program would surely help you get up the corporate ladder as it helps the students in developing their business skills so they can pursue upper management and Mid-level management jobs which a normal Management Graduate is not cutout for. In fact, it inculcates expert level knowledge in students which is highly necessary for anyone in the Management field.

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Get your Bachelors in Computer Applications to kickstart your IT Career

The month of March is over already and if you still haven’t started thinking about college then it’s high time that you should. If you are interested in going for graduation in a course that leads to a career in the Information technology field then go for Distance learning BCA from Sikkim Manipal University. SMU is just one of the many universities that offer this program but its distance programs are highly reputed as well. So, if you want to work when you are studying or for some other reason, don’t want to go for a regular college, then the BCA admission 2014 in SMU gives you a good option.

A shot of two college students studying on campus

Distance learning BCA

With a program in Distance Learning BCA from Sikkim Manipal University, you can effectively begin your Information technology career or just get post graduation in the same field to strengthen your education credentials. BCA Admission 2014 SMU process doesn’t require any sort of entrance exam. So, if you have 10+3 year long Information technology/computer science diploma from a SBTE board then you can enroll in the course. The minimum duration for this SMU program is 2 years and the maximum duration is 4 years. It’s divided into different semesters and in total, there are 4 semesters. Semester Fees structure is available on the official website and if pretty economic. Once, you’ve completed this program, you can seek opportunities in the Computer Programmer, IT consultant, Java developer, Software Engineer etc field.

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Start your Management career with Business Administration studies

If you want a headstart in management field then getting a Business Administration degree would help. Most candidates who want practice experience too often choose Distance learning BBA program in which they get enough freedom and time to pursue their professional interests with minimum disruption. BBA from SMU (Sikkim Manipal University) is getting largely famous with the candidate because

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1. The degree is distance and can be sought by anyone who’s working

2. SMU is one of its kind, reputed and a pioneer government and private collaboration educational project

So, if you choose to complete your BBA from SMU (Sikkim Manipal University), make sure you meet the criterion which is

1. 10+2 (or equivalent education) from State board of technical Education

Anyone who fulfills the criterion can take admission and continue with their distance Learning BBA program while also gaining healthy amount of practical experience in the management field. This option has several future benefits as getting a degree while getting experience at the same time would improve your chances of getting a better opportunity with improved economic prospects in future. One can expect to find entry level jobs in management sector.

In fact, those who want to pursue their management studies can even go for an Executive or regular MBA program through part time, regular or distance learning modes. SMU is widely famous for its MBA program and other than this, there are a huge number of Universities that offer the same.

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Pursue a Bubbling Career In Management With an MBA Degree

Many students want to pursue management field these days as the sector is known to offer vast career scope to ambitious career hunters. For the purpose they can seek admission in one of the specializations under MBA, just after their graduation. Distance learning MBA from SMU (Sikkim Manipal University) seems the right program for those who want to pursue various other activities side by side their studies in the field.

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To enter an MBA program, students need to have completed their graduation with good score from a recognized Indian university. Students from various educational streams can apply for the course, the only condition is they should posses a UG degree. Those, who are looking forward to MBA admission 2014, should subscribe to University newsletter in order to keep their selves updated with related news. Post completing their management courses from Sikkim Manipal University candidates can apply for following positions across various industries:

IT Manager
Financial Manager
Financial advisor
HR Manager
Management Analyst
Investment Banker
Public relation Officer

With an MBA degree candidates can thrive in to the booming world of management. A proper qualification helps management aspirants land their selves higher positives available in the field with higher growth and increased economical prospects from an opportunity. SMU management courses are based on current market needs hence are preparing a pool of perfectly trained managers who can shoulder responsibilities at various positions ranging from lower and middle level positions to higher role in the administration field. Apart from this, there are a lot of things MBA grads can do to increase their growth chances. They can further their knowledge through enrolling for doctorate degrees in the same line as a research degree in much valued in the job market.

Remember that finding a job for an MBA is not hard but the right opportunity that meets your needs.

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Adding a few more in your heap of benefits

Ever increasing cost of education has really made it difficult for many of us to even conceive of higher instruction. In fact, this is no lie that most of us are still unable to get better jobs and a better leaving just because we are unable to pay what has been listed as fee of the course we interested in ascertaining.

But gone are the days when you had to worry, as now with the aid of several distance learning programs like distance learning BA in English one can make certain they are shedding light on their dreams in vivid colors. In fact, it’s not just the fees they’ll feel good about, but various other facts like flexibility are making the same a better option as well.

unnamed (22)

In fact, below are a few reasons which can explain why completing your BA in English from Sikkim Manipal university or from any other distance learning university is a brilliant option to go forward with.

Variety – definitely you’ll be offered with not merely one, but many paths you can choose from, in short you are free to select the stream you want to build your future in.

Networking – in case you are imagining that you’ll not receive the backing of others who can serve you in completing and understanding you course better then you are mistaken, as when you opt for online education you are catered with a bigger group you can work with, in fact you can apply all the various networking sources to build certain you are making friend while meditating.

Travel – travelling from one spot to another is one reason which can consume most of your time, and unfortunately this is the one which cannot be warded off as well. Simply not in case of various distance education courses like distance learning BA in English as you can study from the convenience of your house. 

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Boosting Your Career through BA in History Degree

Given the fact that majority of students is turning to qualification in science and engineering in order to get hired in all the major industries of today, one may think that arts subjects have lost their sheen. But the fact is a group of learners is opting for arts subjects even today, in order to obtain and develop expertise required in various government sector jobs. History is one stream that many opt for, bachelors and masters degrees becoming quite popular among pursuers.

unnamed (14)

Many Indian universities are offering advanced courses in various arts streams, including History. One can enroll for undergraduate degree course after having completed their intermediate examination. These days, distance and part time courses are quite trendy due to the flexibility they offer to its pursuers. Also, there are immense benefits if one pursues his qualification via distance mode of learning. Distance learning BA in History is ideal for those working full time and do not have enough time for a campus based studies. Through enrolling for an online course in the field of history they are able to keep both, job and studies moving on.  

What is the eligibility criteria

For getting admission 2014 in BA in History, one should look for:

1.    One must have completed their intermediate qualification before applying for the course
2.    Age should not be below 17 years
3.    A minimum cumulative average of 55% marks must be acquired in their twelfth

Scope After distance learning BA in History

Career options are quite high for graduates with BA in History. They can sit for UPSC. Chances for state PSCs are also high. Appearing for SSC tests is another alternative for degree holders in history. A few of the most popular positions candidates should look into are:
Records Manager
Public Relation Officer
Information Managers

Apart from this, jobs in banks, news papers and magazines and museums are also in abundance for a skilled fellow.

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Disadvantages of going with the option of online instruction

We have definitely introduced you with not only one, but many reasons why online training might not be the decision you should move ahead with, but even so there are many who came up to us say they are yet mixed up. Thence to help them and to help you we are here again, in short below are a few more reasons which can explain how online training might just not be the solution you are appearing for.

images (4)

You might end up waiting longer for the feedback you have been waiting for – there is no question when you are in a learning process, you incline to put-up question you are confronting with a particular theme or a theme. In fact, in the most traditional path of survey you are appreciated to come upward with the questions you are confronting, but online education is wholly different from a traditional one. As when you are completing your part time MCA programs in India you might carry to wait longer than expected just to obtain the answers you are numbering for.

Not an easy option to cook – in case you are making ready for your MCA admission 2014 let me clear one fact, with all these various online educational institutes you can never tell which is the one which provide you the level of education you have been desiring to get. In short stepping ahead with the determination of right institute is one which is neither an easy one to cook and can change your future to an unrivaled level.

Less job opportunities, comparing to traditional system – one fact we all are mindful of is that no matter how popular these online education institutes has become, they are never the one who can facilitate you in finding some of the best business opportunities you are counting for.

In short selecting distance learning MCA program can be one of the various decision you might not be that proud of. But if you are planning for MCA from SMU then you might end up with altered ending.

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