SMU Distance Learning Management & Technical Courses for Career Hunters

Higher education is the key to success be it in any field. However, to keep pace with today’s fast speeding world students prefer to early join the employment sector in order to gain the relevant work experience. This prevents them from gaining advanced knowledge in a chosen study field that is the prime requirement in most of the employment fields. But they cannot join the campus once again to advance their knowledge due to the pressure from family and social structure where earning higher slab from an opportunity is considered the success parameter. To deal with this burning issue and provide such students with adequate ways to complete their education alongside their vocation, distance education mode had come into existence. This is an ancient model of education that dates back to eighteenth century. This was initially popular in some parts of United States of America that gradually spread across the globe. Today, it is one of the most preferred mediums for higher learning among professionals who want to advance their career through valid qualifications.  In India too, online learning has become one of the most important parts of any student’s life who want to climb the career ladder early.

Online education can be obtained in any of the study fields. For an instance, management and engineering that are the two most sought after career fields by dedicated pupils. There are various online universities which offer online courses across various career fields including those mentioned above. Among accredited Indian distance learning universities SMU is the one that is most sought after by interested learners from all parts of the nation.  SMU is the short form of Sikkim Manipal University that is positioned in the north east part of India, i.e. Gangtok, Sikkim. A plethora of online courses are run by the varsity which are accredited from state as well central governing bodies to provide students with accredited degrees which are most valued by the recruiters.  Let’s see what online courses are available under management and technical education categories for distance learners at the varsity.


Distance learning Programs

List of distance learning programs of Sikkim Manipal University:

MBA – students join SMU for doing MBA in one of the various concentrations such finance, IT, human resource, healthcare service management, etc. courses are streamlined to current industry needs.

BBA – this is fundamental management degree that is considered stepping stone to higher learning as well an early corporate life. Undergraduate courses in management from SMU are career oriented and help seekers build a successful career in the domain of business administration.

MCA – this technical program from SMU is most sought after by pupils who are interested in adding a technical component to their qualification. This is research based higher education in the domain of engineering that helps seekers carve excellent career path in Information Technology area.

BCA – this is a pioneering program for candidates who want to join the information technology world. Also, it is a gateway to various entry level jobs in the same field for those who want to start an early employment life.

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Distance learning a quick mode to success-

Pursuing an undergraduate degree is a very important decision in one’s life. A candidate should analyse his/her capabilities and interests, before selecting an undergraduate degree.Many new courses like BCA,BBA,BCOM etc offer excellent opportunities in the corporate sector.Since the evolution of information technology there has been a high demand of technically competent professionals for various corporates/organizations. However, distance education is the traditional mode where you get all the learning material at home using online education that makes use of internet and technology.


Distance learning courses


Distance learning BCA is an undergraduate program which introduces you to various different career opportunities in IT sector. Distance learning program eliminates the physical presence of individuals for attending the lectures.You can easily indulge yourself in a part time job, while saving your money in travelling and hostel expenses choosing this mode of education. BCA stands for Bachelor in Computer Application and distance learning BCA is designed to match the changing needs of working professionals.Aiming to impart high quality education without hampering the overall schedule of the students.

Objectives of distance learning program-

• sound knowledge in key areas of Computer applications.

• Examining analysis and synthesis involved in all computer applications.

• Developing sound practical skills

• Demonstrating communication skills and personality development.

IT: Career Prospects –

1.IT consultant
2. Cloud architect
3. Computer forensic investigator
4. Health IT specialist
5. Mobile application developer
6. Web developer
7. Software engineer

Eligibility and Duration-

10+2 with no specific percentage criteria.Usually 2-3 years depending on the norms of the institution.Toll free contact number for all distance learning universities are provided on respective website.Call today ! for BCA Admission 2014.

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Get admission in a Distance MCA program to hone your skills

If you have always wanted to grow in the field of Computer applications then MCA is your big ticket to the success you have craved all your life. It is not just a degree but rather a step inside the professional and intensive world of IT which will help you develop competitive skills.

In the Distance learning MCA program, there are several specializations offered such as

1.    SOFTWARE Development networking

2.    Internet

3.    Hardware Technology

4.    Application Software Development engineering

5.    System management etc

For Admission 2014 in MCA, the students are required to complete their BCA or BBA or B.Tech. Graduates in Science stream ca also apply for the degree but it is important that the students must’ve taken Maths as a subject in 10+2. Admission is given on merit based list in which the students who have more than 60% marks in 10+2+3 are selected for the entrance exam. Further the score received in the entrance exams dictates the future of the students.


Once you have got admission in MCA, MCA syllabus will be taught to you in the semester based system. Information management, Computer Organization, Assembly language, Embedded systems, Network security and administration, database administration, Software Engineering, data warehousing and mining, Advanced operating system are few of the things that you will be taught in Distance learning MCA program.

Since the program is usually semester based, the student is required to pay the fee per semester.

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The art of learning sociology

It’s all about human nature and behavior, Sociology is some way it is a research course which projected the topics like social behavior, development, origin etc, also it focus on the social barriers, religion discrimination, law , social psychology, social class and Indian social culture. The better part of this course is the direct interaction to the different community in the society, So that it is favorable to those aspirant ones.  So students who want to enroll in sociology course should needed a positive work attitude of learning, otherwise they will fail, it is sure. Bachelor in sociology or BA in sociology is the primary course for those who want to go with this as a career.


BA in sociology Distance education

Beneficiary for a Sociology student is getting a better position in society also he/she should be hired for the organizations like Health, NGO sector, education and charity organizations. In India the institute SMU (Sikkim Manipal University) offers courses in BA in sociology. Analytically, it’s founded in the past one decade the count of sociology joining students count became doubled globally. Top ranked universities like Harvard, university of Chicago, Cambridge University is offering sociology course. Course duration is three year. A person who decide the BA sociology as career had wide opportunities, utilize this option as they needed. You can expect minor changes in syllabus of BA sociology based on the university terms and criteria. 

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Welcome to aboard for learning English from SMU (Sikkim Manipal University)

Where ever you go, whatever you learn/ studied, the language English equally important from a kindergarten child to an undergraduate scholar. Accreditation of English are many ranging from globally accepted language to most popular language in the world. Major percentages of the English speakers are from European countries, however due to the expansive globalization throughout the world its necessary for everyone to learn and speak English as like a native speaker, in terms of both verbal and non-verbal. The courses like BA in English and various courses in creative writing like so, which improves the attitude of us to learn English language.


BA in English

Globally India is positioned as the third position in GDP and second largest populated country in the world after china. Though we had lots of resources to grow, still some factors are stucking in the development of India. The primary one is lack of English knowledge, even the graduates and post graduate holders in India is unable to speak English fluently. The primary reason behind this is the mother tongue influence; the country India followed the culture of unity in diversity. There are many languages in India, for each states there are three –four languages is following, so it is not easily possible to speak English as a native speaker. Learning English from a better university can be definitely recovering you from the English lack issue.  Distance learning BA in English from Sikkim Manipal University is one such correspondent course which can be utilized for working professionals as well as students. Based on your level of education status, you can choose the desired course like BA/MA/PHD in English/literature course,Ba in English, Distance learning BA in English from smu sikkim manipal university

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Why MBA?

Now a day it’s a commonly found tendency in our society that to learn MBA after graduation, it’s not only a viral among graduates also among the engineering graduates as well. Why they decide to pursue an MBA degree, what they really aiming behind this degree? Most preferably the professionals decide to choose Distance learning MBA mannered course.

The reason behind this attitude is simple; they can earn and learn while working. Sikkim manipal university’s

Distance MBA

is one such type course. The university is following a distinctive and digestive way of syllabus which is understandable to everyone. In recent times these urge attitude towards MBA course most expressed in almost all the aspirants.


This master degree in MBA is certainly needful to the candidates for acquiring a good position elsewhere. The more popularity helps to fertile more educational organizations in this field. According to the higher education council of India there are totally seven thousand plus MBA offering organizations/ private-autonomous institutions mushroomed across India. From these countless colleges picking one best institute is not a possible thing at all. More clearly it is not practicable at all. Most probably an MBA desirer should have these doubts like which are the best MBA institutes in India?  What is the syllabus of MBA entrance exam? What is the fee of MBA course? How to apply for the MBA distance education course in Sikkim Manipal University (optional for those who go forward to choose a distance education)? Like so, though the question is simple- a prolonged elaboration is needed to explain this. Allow us to clarify your doubts.

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Choose BA history and mould your career as a Historian

Mostly in this new-generation people usually ask, why should I study history? The simple answer is to learn about you. Everything under this planet had history, not a matter it is a live/non-live object or an organic/synthetic. It is a fact that, the society gives a special credit to the historians, that proves from the Indus-valley civilization to the astronauts. A good historian needed a good sound knowledge about his/her relevant field and needed a deep craze towards his profession. BA in history is a one such foundation course to learn the basics of past life record.


BA in History from Sikkim Manipal University 80-10000-200


India had lots of carved historical stories to portray, starting from Stone Age civilization to the historical Indian independent movement. John biddulph, Nicvolao Manucci, Alexander Cunningham are the few names among Indian historians. These role-models success improves the confidence of a history student to work more. Apart from regular learning and knowing a strong courage is needed to reach that peak. A good institutional degree is enough for attaining the goal in some way. India had abundant number of colleges and universities which offering full time courses in the BA history, also there are lots of university like Sikkim Manipal University offering

Distance learning in BA history.

Now, a lot of opportunities are available in the doorway of a History scholar, like as an archeologist, as a counselor/educator, researcher etc. All In all, a self assessment is certainly needed before join this course, we recommended. The admission notification of BA history in 2014-15 is notified in the major universities admission board.

Prefer the method of course in which you want to go with. Select a desired institute to study, certainly it might be little cluttering for you, you will became more confused in case you are choosing a distance learning way of study in BA history. Why because there are lots of non-affiliated organizations mushroomed across the various corners of India. We will help you to pick the best institute in India which offering distance learning BA in history course.  Admission notification is already displayed in almost these educational websites. We will help the needed ones to scan the best and top institute among swarm. Speak to us on today, if needed. Our counselors will show you the right path to go with.

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